Earth's first waste to wealth token

Fight climate change

HSS Bgreenie Transformers technology will take billions of KG of CO2 out of the air. Transforming waste into compost within as little as 48 hours.

Build Your Own business

Imagine building a business that pays you to pay forward making the earth green again.

Starting May 2018 you will have access to your own Virtual office.

Provide Sustainable employment

Bgreenie MTEGA provides local communities incentives and opportunities to take care of issues and make a living.

Build your own coin Mint

Mint Tokens and coins that can be used to purchase products and services on net. Join the block chain wave to build digital assets. Your utility tokens and coins can also be exchanged for other digital and non-digital assets.

Make The earth green again

Join the Family

Get started with over 100 Members and Owners

Pre-Minting Now

Be part of the first wave of Bgreenie Token holders

Become a MIBOSS Owner

Share benefits and advantages not available to the general public

100% Clean Mining

Mine Tokens with ZERO Electricity Cost or Special Equipment

Token Minting Authorized

Mint your own Tokens

Proof of Revenue Theory

Tokens are created based on Business Revenue

Active Revenue Income

Make Bonuses for Sharing Opportunities

Passive Revenue Income

Make Bonuses for holding Tokens

Potential Revenue Income

Make Commissions as the Company Grows

Real Business Model

Participate for Bonuses and Commissions

Get Started for Free

Get your first 10 Tokens for Free and explore how you can get paid to make the earth green again

Limited Time Offer

Join our Private Sale or start as a FREE member for exclusive deals Until MAR. 31st 2018



10 Tokens

  • FREE Member
  • 10 FREE Tokens
  • Upgrade Special
  • Limited Time Special


100,000 Tokens

  • MIBOSS Ownership
  • 5000 Tokens Minted
  • 95,000 Bonus Tokens
  • Virtual Business
  • Minting Authorization
  • Mining Operation
  • Digital Asset Wallet*

1,000 Tokens

  • MIBOSS Ownership
  • 50 Tokens Minted
  • 950 Bonus Tokens
  • Virtual Business
  • Minting Authorization
  • Mining Operation
  • Digital Asset Wallet*


What Our Owners say

"There are two things I am passionate about, and those are: Helping people and leaving a legacy for future generations. When I heard about Bgreenie and its creators design with the added benefit of providing income, and potential wealth, for its members/owners, I thought this is something I have to get involved in. I believe the concept of MMEGA/MIBOSS is like one of the many great things we use today, that some innovative thinkers got involved in years ago and have built generational wealth for their families. I believe Bgreenie is my opportunity to build a legacy for my future generations.
December 26 2017
Trial Presidential Membership
Marchae Francis
MIBOSS President
I saw Bgreenie as a wonderful way to take care of waste around the world. And I believe that this business will help me to retire early
December 6th 2017
Trial Presidential Membership
MIBOSS President
"I love Bgreenie System because its not cosmetic; it dosent offer temporary or superficial solutions. It's a sustainable system that solves several real problems in a practical eco-friendly way that is scalable from the micro to the macro level. And it benefits EVERYONE in the web of life from your rural farmer to your busy executive, not just a select few.
November 21 2017
Trial Presidential Membership
Jonathan paets
MIBOSS President
"I joined and became an Independent business owner in Bgreenie MMEGA Family, so they can be a catalyst in my business journey. I believe 5 Years from now it will be a very big company. They think big, they have seen what others can not see, so together we can see what others can not see and make the Earth Green Again!"
Trial Presidential Membership
Joseph Mulilo
MIBOSS President
"Sometimes in life you take a chance, and that chance leads to something bigger than what you dreamed of. Thats the way I feel about Bgreenie MMEGA Family"
Trial Presidential Membership
Khadeem Mcintosh
MIBOSS President
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