LEVEL 10 Progressing Owner

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.


Level 10 Presidential MIBOSS Position

Price: 80,000RMB or $12,307.69USD

Potential Revenue:

Active Bonus: 861.54USD

7% Bonus payout


Grow your MMEGA Family positions and level up to greater revenue ownership and more members only benefits.

In stock


We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

9th Level Presidential Membership – 0.9 Position

Next Level

20th Level MIBOSS Ownership – 2 Positions

MMEGA Family Presidential Membership positions are limited access and time sensitive ownership of Community and Business sales revenue through commissions and bonus payments. They also offer a higher bonus payout for positive sharing.

Each Sale of a community system installed gives all ownership levels 5% Bonus for owners to share.

Depending on MIBOSS Business level your commissions will be calculated and paid regularly

That is only one way to benefit and get value from your lifetime membership

Here are a few others: Bonuses and Commissions are exclusive to MIBOSS Owners

Sharing BonusesMake revenue for each member/owner introduced by you.

Minting Bonuses – Everytime you purchase more upgrade positions you mint new tokens for yourself

Mining Bonuses – For every purchase made from your direct team you will recieve newly minted tokens

Passive Bonuses – Access newly minted tokens based on the number of tokens you hold in savings account

Advertising Specials – Advertise your product for big discounts online and/or in BridgeAfrique Magazine

Training Specials – Get FREE or discounted training on thousands of subjects. (Available May 2018)

E-Commerce – Create your own store and sell your products and services to members, owners and the public. (Available May 2018)

Future Offers – Get Insider information on future opportunities in MMEGA Family

Our membership club is created to empower people to make the earth green again. Started in 2016 our membership club continues to grow as more people understand the power of working together to make your dreams come true.

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